Establishing the Union Customs Code and the European Union Customs Authority

· A9-0065/2024 · Proposition de la Commission

  • Thorough preliminary vetting would enable trustworthy companies to benefit from fewer customs checks later
  • Platforms must submit information to EU customs authorities about goods shipped to EU from third countries
  • All EU customs authorities to use the same IT system EU DataHub

For: 486(81 %). Against: 19(3 %). Abstentions: 97(16 %). In total, 602 MEPs voted. 103 MEPs didn’t vote.

  • Magdalena ADAMOWICZ
    EPP · Poland
  • Asim ADEMOV
    EPP · Bulgaria
  • Isabella ADINOLFI
    EPP · Italy
  • Matteo ADINOLFI
    ID · Italy
    S&D · Malta
  • Mazaly AGUILAR
    ECR · Spain
  • Clara AGUILERA
    S&D · Spain
    Renew · Sweden
  • Alviina ALAMETSÄ
    Greens/EFA · Finland
    S&D · Portugal

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